Video Walls


The new age video wall

Large format, high resolution, unmissable and unbeatable. There is no doubt that LED video walls are the ultimate crowd attraction.


The Oaks Hotel—NSW

The real and only big screen

LCD video walls and projectors no longer compete in comparison to LED video screens. Serviceability, lifetime, seamless look, flexibility in size are just a few reasons LED video walls are in high demand. Not only that, but the sheer size and grandeur of a big screen is nothing short of impressive.

Fitness First—NSW

The opportunity cost of not going big

We live in a world surrounded by ‘big TVs’ – everyone has a decent setup at home. To make an impact in hospitality, retail, transit or sporting venues, it is not enough to stick to the standard. Unique, standout installations that create a lasting impression will ensure you’re forever remembered.

Designed to suit your space

BSV’s in-house design team wants to work with your space, not against it. It is crucial that your big screen is installed and designed to complement your interior design, not look like an afterthought. 

We can also build and install the structure, providing a full turn-key solution.


Dorset Gardens Hotel—VIC

Golden Grove Hotel—SA

Support local

As a 100% Australian owned and operated company, with a BSV team close to you, we can tee up a site visit speedily, ensuring you will be working with local crew. Book an appointment today.


University of Adelaide—SA

“We love watching the response from patrons walking in and seeing the new big screen for the first time, they’re absolutely blown away and are choosing The Precinct Hotel as their venue to watch all the live sporting action.”

Matthew Darcy Director
Precinct Hotel
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