Ribbon Boards


Lighting up stadiums

Big brand promotion, in-game messaging and fostering fan engagement to enhance crowd excitement before, during and after the game with LED ribbon boards.


Adelaide Oval—SA

Digital signage is the future of stadiums

Gone are the days of static printed signage. Stadiums and venues are moving to clean branding and digital displays to enhance the efficiency and flexibility of their space. Static printed signage looks tired and dated incredibly quickly and can conflict with incoming events; in contrast to digital, which can transform a space with the click of a button.

Commercialise your investment

Making the transition to an LED ribbon board is an investment, but it is an investment that can provide a commercial return. There are several ways this can be done and BSV can walk you through the process.

Adelaide Oval—SA

How to flick the switch

With any digital signage, there is a content management element attached. BSV works with the best in sporting and content management technology to find a solution that is super user friendly and tailored to your application. Our Integrated Technology department will work with you to understand the infrastructure already in place, as well as who will be operating the system, to ensure the right level of complexity for your team.

Adelaide Oval—SA

Gameday support

Our team will be with you every step of the way. The BSV Support team is available 7 days a week. We can also provide a team member for game day support should you require. 

Get in touch to catch up with a local team member and discuss how we can light up your stadium.

“The new LED installation has given fans a gameday experience that I believe is the best in the world”

Andrew Daniels CEO Adelaide Oval SMA
Adelaide Ova
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