Flight Information Displays


Establishing clear pathways for travellers

Slowing down a bustling space; adding direction, colour and shape to airports and establishing clear pathways for travellers in transit.
Wayfinding and flight information is more crucial in airports than any other physical space in the world. Flight information displays (FIDs) provide order in a chaotic space.


Perth International Airport—WA

Communicate to your travellers what they need to hear

Flight information displays are essential, increasingly they are used for additional forms of communication. Whether it’s third party advertising, ambient footage, or local tourism attractions, an LED display screen provides an abundance of opportunities.

Perth International Airport—WA

A modern, seamless look

When working with LED technology, it’s apparent that an LED display will provide a more modern and seamless look for your airport. BSV is commonly replacing LCD walls due to the bezels, varying degradation, and service problems.

LED video walls are quick and easy to service, will last 2 to 3 times longer and will look superior in comparison. Furthermore, they can be built to any shape or size, to suit your space.

We understand the complexities of working in airports

BSV understands the complexity of working in airports and make the procurement process easy:

  • Our team hold Australian Security Identification Cards (ASIC) 
  • We have experience in working in regional and international airports across Australia and New Zealand including:
    • Perth International Airport
    • Brisbane Domestic & International Airport
    • Christchurch Airport
    • Auckland Airport
    • Cairns Airport
    • Townsville Airport
  • We have ISO certifications including:
    • ISO9001; Quality Management System
    • ISO14001; Environmental Management System
    • ISO45001; Occupational Health & Safety Management System
  • Our team are familiar with transit environments and our product meets all compliance standards required to supply to an airport

Whether you are at the very beginning at the project or procurement phase, talk to our team about your airport.

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