There is no better place to communicate to your audience than when they are in transit

When travelling, we are often surrounded by blank space and white noise. There is great, untapped opportunity to engage your audience at every point as they move their way through the airport terminal or train station,  enhancing their overall experience.

By strategically placing digital screens throughout a pathway, you can target specific audiences at different touch points, communicating your message to travellers that could be from anywhere around the world.

Commonly, we see LED digital displays focused towards advertising, as they are an effective communication tool and the return on investment is great. However, increasingly the demand is growing for enhancing customer experiences and interacting with audiences on a creative and ambient level.

Internationally, we are seeing incredible, creative digital experiences in major airports and train stations and our vision is to bring this to Australia and New Zealand. Big Screen Video can bring your space to life and set you apart with a product that has the ability to create an unforgettable experience.

Spaces such as airports and train stations have more stringent requirements for effectiveness of communication and safety. Big Screen Video can guarantee:

  • Our product meets Australian & New Zealand standards
  • A team with experience in these spaces, meaning we understand processes and protocol for installation and service
  • No interruption to communication systems

Digital engagement and memorable experiences are the way of the future; talk to us about how you can create a world class experience for your travellers.

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What our clients are saying

A big screen had often been requested by students and the wider University community, as it gives us the chance [...]
Ian Thompson
Manager, Hub Central & Ask Adelaide