Major Events

Major events need to make a lasting impression

When hosting a major event, you want to create that lasting impression that guarantees growth for future years. Creativity and evolution with event design are  key to holding long term interest and success.

Digital communication is increasingly essential at major events. People like to be engaged by:

  • Social media
  • Live video feeds
  • Insight into event features

When you’re working with an event on a big scale, LED can be the perfect tool to keep your attendees engaged and in the loop on what’s happening!

Big Screen Video have a huge range of indoor and outdoor solutions that are customisable for your event including:

5mm outdoor panels

  • This product is perfect for outdoor environments, as it features high contrast and brightness to cope with direct sunlight.

3mm indoor panels

  • We have a huge quantity of fine pitch, 3mm product to feature your content flawlessly.
  • 3mm is robust and great for rental applications

12v6 outdoor panels

  • If you’re looking for a big screen with great viewing distances, the 12v6 is perfect. When you’ve got long viewing distances, the 12v6 is a cost-effective option for your event screens!

Talk to us today about how to leave a lasting impression on your event attendees!

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