Increase patronage and keep them spending in your venue for longer

The hospitality industry is forever evolving. Our clients are always reinvesting, renovating and ensuring they keep up with customer needs.

Evidence suggests that these days, competition is fierce and not just between surrounding venues. People are now, more than ever, home bodies; they have a big TV at home and don’t mind watching the game with a BBQ and six pack of beer. How do venues compete with the comfort of home?

The formula is simple, go bigger and offer the next level of entertainment. A big screen in your beer garden or sport bar means you can create a stadium experience and play sport to the masses! Furthermore, featuring sports such as UFC or the World Cup, that can be less accessible, will have your patrons flying off the couch and through your doors.

Enhancing that experience will mean patrons not only swarm in but also stay for longer.

Big Screen Video began with a sole  focus in this industry and our experience has taught us about publican needs.

The Big Screen Video team have experts in solutions for the hospitality industry based in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and New Zealand.

Our team offers:

  • A consultative approach – we look at each venue on a case by case basis to ensure we offer the right solution
  • A long-term solution; purchasing LED is so different to purchasing other viewing technology – Read more here 
  • Structural design solutions that integrate with your venue’s aesthetics and design – See more here
  • A service network that can ensure longevity in your investment and efficient repair in those crucial moments. Everything is repaired here in Australia, meaning we ensure the lifetime of your product as well as efficient repair.

Contact us to discuss how to increase your patronage and keep them drinking for longer!

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