LED Digital Signage

Digital signage has the ability to capture your audience’s attention and leave a lasting impression

Did you know… “Digital ads produce better results than static billboards generating higher recognition and a more favourable attitude towards the advertiser.” (Huang & Yang. 2012)

LED is visually appealing and its brightness draws attention from people within its vicinity. The fact that you can’t miss it and it’s easy to rotate advertisers, means an investment that you can maximise on.

If you are paying a premium for premises in a high-profile location, such as on a main road, then you should be talking to us about utilising outdoor digital LED signage to maximise the exposure to every passing car.

Big Screen Video’s LED signs allow for multiple, cost effective and easy to change advertisements.

We have many signage options available, so we can customise the solution to suit your space, or even integrate with existing signage structure.

We can even help with your council application!

Talk to us today about how you can better communicate with passing traffic.

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What our clients are saying

We had a projector featuring in our assembly area/basketball court, however it simply didn’t work effectively in the space due [...]
Alan Williams
Business Manager