The Whole Kit & Caboodle: Mingara Recreation Club Case Study

February 12th, 2020

Crowds flowing, patrons continuously entertained and sales opportunities maximised – does this sound like your venue’s goals for 2020? No matter if it’s the sports bar, gaming room floor or your bistro, the opportunities are endless with digital screen enhancements. The below case study proves that the simplest additions can take any area to the next level.

The Mingara Recreation Club on NSW’s Central Coast is paving the way for hospitality venues across the country with their cutting-edge vision for technology. Big Screen Video have recently completed an LED upgrade at the Tumbi Umbi venue, which sees the addition of indoor foyer signage, outdoor signage and a live sports ticker to the entrance of their gaming room. Thinking beyond traditional video screens, Mingara Recreation Club have proven LED has endless capabilities for those who choose to imagine it.

Upon entering the gaming area via their escalators, Mingara patrons are surrounded by live sports scoring technology; providing not only a useful tool (no need to check the phone!) but an atmosphere enhancing element to their interior. BSV Sports Tickers use live scoring technology to provide additional, real time entertainment for those at your venue. Mingara have chosen to use their ticker to add another layer of intrigue to their gaming area. Atmospheric, all senses engaged experiences akin to those in American sports bars are sought after more and more in a changing Australian market. The digital ticker is a great way to tap into this and can be utilised anywhere in your venue, particularly a sports bar.


With both roadside LED signage and indoor foyer signage, Mingara understand how to maximise ROI in their venue. This intelligent combination allows the club to use their signage in conjunction with one another as well as separately. We have seen the success of indoor signage across multiple venues around Australia. Maximising advertising opportunities while also doubling as an impressive canvas for content is a win-win for any business. Mingara can be seen harnessing their foyer signage and roadside signage to advertise their impressive members’ jackpot draw, a great way to increase memberships in the club. Unlike traditional forms of marketing, digital signage is an investment that you can see a real, measurable return on.

If you want to bring your space to life, give the team at BSV a call and book in a meeting for the Australian Hospitality and Gaming Expo on March 18 and 19 at Stand 269/270.

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