Digital Retail Activations: Car Showroom Case Study

October 08th, 2019
Northpoint Toyota

BSV are passionate about activating spaces, from the obvious to the obscure. Our recent partnership with Northpoint Toyota has seen LED bring their premises to life. Uplifting and enhancing the customer experience is a priority for Northpoint Toyota and BSV. The result has been revolutionary; pushing the boundaries of what can be done to bring the customer experience to the next level.

Enhancing Customer Experience

We understand that you’re looking to stay ahead of the pack and any opportunity to enhance the customer experience is important to you. LED is the ultimate creative tool to take your customers experience to the next level. With endless opportunities, LED can go beyond aesthetics and captivating visual content, to creating a unique investment within your dealership.

Showcasing quality service via video

Why just can explain your service offering and benefits to customers, when you can allow potential clientele to physically see it? Uniquely position your brand and your business by incorporating LED to showcase quality service via video.

Providing personalised messages to customers when picking up cars

A brand-new car is an exciting time in anyone’s life; it’s the culmination of saving and nights deliberating to then make a big-ticket purchase. Go further than the big bow on their car, the congratulatory sign and maintaining regular contact post purchase. Use LED cleverly to display personalised messages congratulating customers on their new purchase. Using LED to showcase company culture and values via imagery and video is a unique point of difference that will set you apart from your competitors. Use visually appealing displays that feature your values and highlight your company culture as an aesthetically pleasing, practical tool in your showroom.

Feature upcoming deals, specials

Cleverly designed and well positioned LED can elevate your advertising, with a number of pay-offs. For those already on the showroom floor, there is a chance to further push current specials without the need for salespeople to be forceful. For those in prime traffic areas, there is a perfect opportunity to attract potential clientele with upcoming deals! And remember, wonderfully presented advertising stays in the mind of consumers, who will be more inclined to tell family and friends.

Show product features

If you have a product that has seemingly endless features, why not showcase this with digital? Reiterate your sales pitch and further express product details through an engaging digital screen. Static displays are not able to fully capture and expand on such details like a digital screen can. Wow your customers with all the features of their potential new purchase – all without saying a word.

Create interactive social media walls

Boost your presence on social media with the inclusion of a social media wall in your dealership showroom. Not only can you increase your business’ following, but there’s a chance to increase customer engagement. Encourage recent sales to share their new cars on their social platforms, for the chance to be featured on your social media wall.

We believe that no project is too big, small or out of the box. For BSV, enhancing our customers experience, and helping our customers do the same, is what it’s all about. Digital screens are just another tool that can be used to take your space and sales experience up ten notches.



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Ian Thompson
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