Worship just got a whole lot brighter

January 29th, 2019

Upon our recent installation at Journey Uniting Church, we were blown away by the level of production during worship. With an amazing AV team, world-class graphics and a light and sound show to wow their crowds, Journey UC have created a totally immersive experience that has been enhanced with the addition of their LED screen.

Sermons are more engaging and visually appealing now more than ever. As churches modernise and youth groups rise, it’s important to keep your audience engaged and content fresh. Along with showcasing this recent install, we’ve also taken some inspiration from worship houses around the globe to showcase just how powerful LED can be when working together with stunning visuals and a strong message.

churches, BSV, Big Screen Video, LED churches, BSV, Big Screen Video, LED

Particularly in churches that feature plentiful ambient light, LED can provide visuals that no projector can attempt to match. Of course, there are still elements that projectors can provide as part of your visual displays, but it’s hard to beat LED screens as a backdrop.

LED, BSV, Big Screen Video, Churches with LED

Abundant Living Faith Center features a breathtaking LED wall, complete with additional screens either side of their stage

Let’s break down the comparisons between LED and projectors in your church:

  • LED is much brighter!
  • Unlike projection, LED is modular, meaning we can customise your screen to fit your vision
  • Initial outlay may be more expensive than projectors, but LED does not incur ongoing projector costs such as new bulbs, light engine replacements and module replacements
  • LED lasts over double that of a projector, with a life expectancy of 100,000 hrs compared to 45,000 hrs

LED, BSV, Churches with LED, Big Screen Video

An example of LED’s modular element wowing the crowds at Faith Promise Church 

The best part of including an LED screen within your church is that they are just so versatile. It goes beyond simply adding further visuals to sermons and performances, but is a great way to greet guests, promote further engagement and make announcements. Many modern worship spaces are implementing visual technology to take it to the next level, as Big Screen Video have seen first-hand. The results are spectacular, and LED screens are just one solution to modernise your church.

What our clients are saying

Seven Adelaide was looking for a tailored solution that included two screens in a side by side configuration however one [...]
Paul Jury
Technical Services Manager