You have one shot at a first impression: Make your corporate lobby stand out

January 17th, 2019

Brand persona can take some time to cultivate; your company’s image is important to you, and so it should be. But have you ever stopped to think about how your corporate lobby should match your brand persona?

Upon entering, instant reactions are made about your company based solely on what they see in your lobby. You have one shot at a first impression; let LED do the heavy lifting for the face of your business.

Bank of Hawaii Lobby

Office envy is real

Creating a well branded space goes beyond a static logo on the wall. Think of all the people walking into your office daily: staff, potential employees, clients, new business prospects and partners. LED can be used in multiple different ways to not only be aesthetically pleasing, but as a form of communication.

Think of an LED display as your visual mission statement – compelling videos, striking imagery and other visual aids can cut through the mundane; making not only your lobby pop but providing a stunning visual tool to further cement your brand personality.

221 Main Street combines aesthetics with functionality | Christie Digital Lobby Area – Featuring artistic tile designs

With LED being modular, corporate lobbies can use the product to their advantage by tailoring to suit individual needs. The only limitation is your imagination and LED can be as functional as it can be artistic.

Love the one staff you’re with

There’s one single place that most employees walk through twice a day, if not more – your lobby or reception area. Compelling LED design can be a sensory overload that improves employee mindset from the moment they step foot in the door. There is a stark difference between dark and uninviting spaces to bright and engaging work places; LED can elevate your area to the next level for staff.

Salesforce’s LED video wall provides constantly changing, stunning imagery

Your values may hang lop-sided in the five-year-old frames on the wall and your stunning artwork gets rotated bi-annually, but it’s important to remember that static images become white noise to employees after a while. LED can be used to tell various changing stories, and even have interactive capabilities to ensure staff are staying involved and engaged. Go beyond and use your displays for interactive staff training or employee reward nights – movies on the big screen, anyone?

JP Morgan Chase staff will never be wondering what the time is  | Panoramic city views during the day for Dolby HQ staff left with this impressive LED display

Measurable marketing all on your front porch

Beyond obvious aesthetics, LED can be a functional marketing tool, used simply within your lobby. We’ve covered who visits your office daily, and, why not use your corporate lobby as a communication touchpoint? Countless money, time and energy is put into your marketing through social media, your website and communications. Let’s add your reception area into the mix for real, measurable results that get total bang for your buck.

Go as big or as small as you like – use a screen like the one on the left for ultimate ROI and advertise in-house (Bourke St) or create an interactive screen like IAC, where you can rotate the globe to observe various company locations in real-time.

To infinity – and beyond!

The possibilities truly are endless when it comes to implementing LED into your corporate HQ area. From front desk digital signage, spectacular video feature walls or even a ticker displaying the stock market in real-time – if you’re looking for a solution that will truly wow your visitors and staff, then there’s a LED product that can make that happen for you.

At Big Screen Video, we’re always eager to take on the next big project, and we’re excited about the possibilities in corporate areas. If you’d like to discuss how we can help you take your lobby to great heights, please be sure to contact our team here.

We can’t wait to bring your space to life with the magic of LED.

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