Stadiums in the digital age: How to enhance the game-day experience for fans

October 30th, 2018

Stadiums are constantly thinking about how to increase fan engagement and drive attendance on game days and at events. In a digital age where we’re so connected all the time, people need a reason to get out of the house and to a live game.

Atmosphere and stimulation are integral; stadiums are working harder than ever to bring more than a roaring crowd to the event. Audio visual enhancement has been a game changer for attacking the senses and lifting sporting atmosphere to another level.

Adelaide Oval recently completed a 9 million dollar sound and lighting upgrade which saw sound, lighting and digital designed and installed to work together.


Adelaide Oval, Big Screen Video, LED, LED signage, perimeter signage


Andrew Daniels, CEO of Adelaide Oval SMA says the upgrade is providing a world class experience for fans:

“The new LED installation has given fans a gameday experience that I believe is the best in the world. The multiple levels of 10mm SMD ribbon board, supported by new LED sports lighting and an upgraded sounds system, gives this complete, three-dimensional fan experience. From the moment that a team runs onto the ground, to the moment a goal is scored or a wicket falls, it’s just non-stop, it’s an assault on the senses” Daniels says.

The 1100 linear metres of LED ribbon board acts as a tool to enhance fan experience but also provides commercial benefits too. Creating 360 degrees of branding, with the ability for animation and unmissable advertising from live at the game to televised at home, means a high return on investment.


Adelaide Oval, Big Screen Video, LED, LED signage, perimeter signage

Big Screen Video have partnered with the Adelaide Oval since the redevelopment in 2014, initially holding the service contract and now as an LED supplier.

The team at Big Screen Video work collaboratively with clients to achieve their goals.

“What I have found with BSV, is that they have worked with us to determine what our needs actually are, understand what our budget is, and as always, budgets are extremely tight; and then work with us to get the best solution that we can to fit within our budget.”

Research, development and understanding varying industry needs is essential to Big Screen Video. If you’re looking for ways to enhance your stadium atmosphere, talk to the Big Screen Video team.


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