LED versus LCD

October 05th, 2018

The advantages of LED over LCD are truly colossal. Quite often we hear people asking what the actual differences are, and why LED is the leading choice over LCD when it comes to their venue. Today, we wanted to explain what makes LED the obvious choice over LCD, and the advantages you can expect from an LED product.


So, what’s with all the fuss?

With a number of differences, venues are increasingly moving away from LCD and jumping aboard the LED train. In this day and age, it is essential to uniquely position yourself and your brand – LED provides a point of difference that LCD just cannot compete with. Are you wanting to stand out from the crowd? Then you absolutely can’t beat the vibrant, clear and uninterrupted content that LED can provide. 


Can I even see a difference?

Absolutely! Just from first glance, the difference is clear. Unlike LCD, LED screens have no bezels. This ensures no interruption of content between modules, providing clear and seamless viewing experiences.

Not only that, but LED screens are significantly brighter than LCD screens. Content looks sharp and colours bright.

The real difference can certainly be seen outdoors. As LED screens do not have glass screens, higher brightness and greater contrast, they face no issue with glare or reflection, as opposed to LCD.


I have a new outdoor space: Can I put a screen outside in this harsh weather?

With the harsh Australian climate, it’s important that you can trust your screen to last the distance. LED screens have no issue against glare and reflection and unlike their LCD counterparts, are water-resistant. This means you can be assured high quality entertainment from your LED screen in rail, hail or shine!


Surely there’s a lengthy down time with an LED screen if it needs servicing?

We understand that in your industry, it’s important to keep screen down time minimal. LCD screens are heavy, and will often require a scissor lift when service is needed; creating lengthy interruption.

LED screens, however, are modular and light. When a fault occurs, one module or part simply needs to be replaced with a spare, we then repair that spare at head office and return it to your spare parts kit. This means minimal downtime and ease of repair.


Well, what kind of lifespan can I expect with LED?

With an average lifespan of 10, the LED lifespan far outnumbers that of an LCD, which generally need replacing in as little as 3 to 5 years.

If you want a screen that will go the distance and provide greater return on investment, then your only option is LED!


In that case, when can you replace my LCD screen with a BSV LED screen?

If you’re looking to update your space, then we’d love to help! Simply Contact Us and one of our friendly staff will be in contact shortly.


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