Are you thinking about investing in a digital sign but daunted by how to use it?

July 03rd, 2018

We often have clients come to us wanting to invest in a digital sign, they love the look and the attention it draws but the most common question we get asked is how to use it?!

Technology doesn’t have to be daunting, we recommend different content management systems for different applications. There are a few key things to look out for that will ensure that even your least tech savvy team member can upload artwork to your sign!

  1. Remote access

Remote access provides you the ability to upload content from anywhere in the building or with a network subscription anywhere in the world!

  1. Scheduling capabilities

Have you got targeted messages that are time sensitive? Or you like to plan ahead? A good content management system allows you to schedule your artwork for days, weeks or months at a time.

  1. Easy to use

You need to trust that your team, no matter how great with computers can quickly change a message on your sign! Make sure the system is user friendly, intuitive but furthermore the company you’re working with know how to use it and will support you if you ever get stuck!

  1. Split your message

Want to attract more attention to your sign with useful information? It’s easy, splitting layouts can be as simple as the click of a button, feature the weather – a clock or even just some extra branding!

Regardless of the system you choose to go with, user-friendly capabilities and the latest design features are essential, with the right system using your digital sign won’t be daunting.


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